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anything at all, and i think rush hour should be a-okay. back toward the west and portions of ohio, pittsburgh over the last couple hours, that snow will move our way. as it does so, temperatures are above freezing, but still very cold. any secondary roads, that's why we could see through the rest of the night tonight. light snow around 8:00. then it is out of here by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. maybe a few slick spots, but once again not expected to -- what we're thinking as this storm moves on across our region. guys? >> doug, thank you. flawed misleading and potentially dangerous. that's how police chief lanier is describing a report released last month. it suggestsed that the police
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department had under-reported dozens of assault. pat has more. sfimplts last week he released d of knolls investigating and not documenting 170 cases of sexual assault. the chief says that flat-out is wrong. in fact they have gone back over the numbers, back over the cases she says she expects to find find even more. >> we tried to tell them the methodology was wrong, but -- >> they want -- >> over four years. >> reporter: -- we are not investigated, and you've now found. >> 116.
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>> reporter: and you're still looking. >> and we're still looking. >> reporter: the chief is most upset by this report. in one example, they says they quote a letter from a witness. they quote the whole letter except a paragraph in which they -- the chief says she thinks this report may discourage people from coming forward to report sexual assault allegations. we'll hear more coming up at 6:00. >> pat collins, thank you. celebrations in the super dome, celebrations on the streets of charm city as the ravens tame home the vince lombardi trophy and wince super bowl xlvii. think won't 34-31 in the big easy last night. >> they'll be back any minute. a live picture as we try to get an eye. that could be the plane right there. there will be a big victory
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parade tomorrow. >> and chris gordon has more on just how the fans are celebrating there. chris? >> reporter: the fans are being invited. it will begin after the parade, which starts at city hall. >> at baltimore city hall, they're putting upound towers and risers as they prepared to celebrate the ravens. city employees are showing their -- >> my purple coat, my purple purse is ravens. >> if i had known that, i wife mare black pants on today. >> they're having a parade. the public is invited, and it's all free.
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>> it's a good message for our -- no matter what you're going through, keep working hard and something good will come your way. >> at baltimore's inner harbor, destiny, people are wearing purple with pride. they say the ravens' super bowl championship has lifted the city's spirits. >> it's positive. when a city comes together and it's a happy occasions. he's retires after 17 years as a raven. >> he means hard work, dedication, determination, any other word that fits that criteria. >> the billboards say ray lewis, thank you for 17 years. it will be a huge retirement
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party and super bowl celebration here at m & t bank stadium tomorrow, beginning at about 11:00. you ought to get here early. at 6:00, the owner of five stores promises, get this, free furniture to anyone if the ravens run back a kickoff for a touchdown to begin the half. remember jacoby jones? we'll tell you how it all turned out ahead at 6:00. see you then. ♪ oh beautiful ♪ for spacious skies on the days following the terrible shooting at sandy hook elementary in connecticut, the community united until the motto we are sandy hook, and we choose love. that was the spirit as 26 children from the school opened the school with gen you have hudson singing "america the beautiful. ". the tragedy led -- in today
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the president went to minneapolis to court public support for stricker gun laws. he says they all believe it's time for what they calls basic common sense to reduce gun violence. >> we may 23409 be able to prevent every massacre or random shooting. no law or set of laws can keep our children completely safe, but if there's even one thing we can do, if there's just one life we can save, we have an obligation to try. >> the president, who is in favor of universal background checks on gun purchases and bans on the sale of military style assault weapons, and high-capacity clips. >> tonight police need your help, finding a whom who they say -- they tell us she held up the pnc, and just 20 minutes
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later she robbed the bank of america in cleveland parked. late this afternoon the fbi released these surveyian photos. they say in the second robbery, she told the teller she had a gun. investigators believe she may have had a bandage on her lip or nose. robbery appears to be a motive of a deadly stabbing. david wilson is charged with killing howard venable jr. they lived together at an apartment here on fuller street in columbia heights. investigators say they have evidence of the suspect using the victim's credit card. the next may i don't recall election in d.c. is still officially more than a year away, but the race got under way today, with papers being filed by tommy wells. tom sherwood joins us with a look at wells and the other candidates preparing to run. >> wendy, in politics, a year is a very short time. there's no shortage of likely candidates now. >> for two years mayor vincent gray has faced seral federal
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investigations by u.s. attorney ronald machen, who a lucrative shadow campaign that helped propel him to victory in 2010. now gray won't say if he'll run again, other candidates are lining up. tommy wells from capitol hill was first to file formal papers monday to begin an exploratory committee. a decision comes in two months. i'm going to start in ward 8, to talk to residents about what do they want for their city. it's highly likely i will run, and we do need to see what happens with investigations that are going on. i think he -- >> if gray were forced from office by scandal. others are ready, too. jack evans says he'll run, no exploring necessary. >> i fully intend to run for mayor whenever there's the next mayor's election.
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>> reporter: no exploratory committee? >> no i don't believe in them. i don't see a need for them. either you want to run or you don't. >> reporter: and the -- >> i will do what's right for d.c. every time. >> i think what the electoral wants is a good mayor. >> reporter: they could face a strong challenge from muriel bouzer. she succeeded adrienne vicinity vinti. >> we know we have a primary coming up in just over 400 days. i know how to put together winning campaigns. so should that be my decision, we'll come out of the gates really strong. >> and david catania is also a potential candidate, but he hasn't said anything yet. went,? all right. it appears former president george h.w. bush is well on the road to recoveries. hi daughter-in-law, laura bush, gave an update on his condition today.
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>> you'll be happy to hear that my father-in-law, president george h.w. bush is home from the hospital, and he's doing very well. in fact, we got the word that he's already been out to dinner in houston, so i think he is back in good shape. >> that's always a good sign. laura bush was in d.c. for a global cancer summit. president bush was hospitalized in november and released last month after being in the hospital for six weeks. we have some breaking news out of the alabama. we are being told there are some major developments regarding that hostage situation. that went on for days. the standoff is over, the boy is fine, the suspect is dead. this has been unfolding in midland city, alabama for days now. nbc news is reporting from a law enforcement official that the boy has been released. he is fine. the hostage-taker is dead.
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police are getting ready to address the media with the latest developments. we will bring that to you as soon as we get it. the pictures tell the story. some crooks walk into a shopping mall and do more than just early valentine's day shopping. plus calls to raise the speed limit have been answered. why it safer to drive faster now? and the young girl who took on the taliban and survived reaches a new milestone today. >> i can see everyone, and today i can see -- and i'm getting better day by day. and live pictures at bwi. the ravens have landed back in baltimore gearing up for that celebration starting in city hall and through the streets of the city. we'll be right back back after this short break to see them get off
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onto the cabin there, joe and company about to deplane, as we say. they are heading home after their big victory in new orleans. again, a big parade on tap for tomorrow about 11:00.
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all right. so there are more romantic ways to get diamonds and jewelry. you don't have to do a smash-and-grab. that's what happened today. some men armed with hammers robbed a jewelry store at the fashion center in pentagon city mall in arlington this morning. jackie bensen is live with the latest on this. of course we understand they went for the best stuff. >> that's right, wendy, they went straight for the rings, taking 27 of them, and police have noted this crime's proximity to valentine's day. the security camera videos show the suspects were determined -- repeatedly pounding the display case until it shattered enough to be peeled back. >> we had four suspects enter the store, two brandished hammered, smashed the glass casing, and at that point all four individuals started
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grabbing rings and stuffed them into a bag. >> reporter: the mall was open and customers were inside. loot in hand, the men ran to a nearby exit into the third-floor level. witnesses told police they jumped into a red car. it was clear from how fast they were going they were not planning to stop at the joyce street exit gate. >> from there we got reports of a red sedan shortly thereafter busting through the gates. >> police say the stolen rings had an estimated value of $128,000. no store or mall employees were injured. >> right now they were shocked at first, surprised that somebody would come in there with hammers during the -- you know, the peak hours of the mall and just smash and grab. >> reporter: we're told all four suspects were wearing purple latex gloves, and they stuffed the loose into a redskins sports bag.
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>> because they had football on their minds, clearly. purple and the redskins. >> you might be seeing the sun outside. doug says hold on, the snow is coming. >> it's coming. this one will just miss a rush hour, as we head out across the region. you will notice a couple things. some clouds mixed in with sunshine. the sun making its way down in about the next 20 minutes or so. you can see clear skies there. the snow way off in the distance, but it is on its way. take a look, and we'll show you the temperature. dew point of 15, so the atmosphere is very dry. we are seeing another chili afternoon as we've been in this cold right on through the weekend, saturday, sunday, then today, cold and snowy each day,
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we saw a bit of snow, each of these little clippers have brought just a little bit. 36 in frederick, 36 in leesburg, 36 in washington, down towards fredericksburg, with a current temperature of 40 degrees. so warmer there, could even be some light rain down to the south. here's where the snow is. thises all snow right now, trying to make its way down, the heavier green here, that is actually some moderate snow trying to form. you can see it's moving on in from the west, and it will continue to do so over the next couple hours. not a lot here. once again it's a clipper system. they very seldom have a -- it will be a dry atmosphere, but national weather service put out an advisory for frederick maryland, all the parts of west virginia and for washington county and in maryland. so watch out in those areas. around the d.c. metro area, maybe a bit of a coating,
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dusting, that's all we've seen. different story, though, out to the west, once again on the outside of the allegheny front. maybe 6 to 10 inches there. the rest of us are not seeing much at all. here we go, showing 6:15, the snow is starting to make its way back along. i-81 corridor, moving into the d.c. metro area, so once again most of us should be out of here as far as rush hour is concerned. road temperatures, though, on the cold side, so secondary roads may get dusty, and then look at 11:00, it's already out here. say good-bye. this is a very quick mover. mostly cloudy, the snow is gone, seasonably cold temperatures. as we move through the next couple dice high temperatures. 47 on your wednesday, breezy on wednesday. on fred.
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that store will watch closely. the weekend looking pretty good. with highs back -- from at later on, most of us according to an inch. that's about it. >> we can take it. from the classroom to the capitol, the fight for funding of historically black colleges. and liz crenshaw has a warning and way toss protect your bottom line. the ravens just touched down in baltimore. there they are. they are coming home, folks. dan hellie caught up with some happy birds down in new orleans. at 6:00, new detail about a bus crash in california. a passenger describes what it
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we continue to follow the -- the hostage situation is over. the suspect is dead. this has been unfolding for days. nbc news reporting law enforcement officials say the boy has been released, he is okay. the hostage-taker, 65-year-old jim dykes is dead. we are still waiting for the news conference. when we learn more details, we will bring it to you and find out how this unfolded. meanwhile, back to football, the blackout just one of many
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subplots. >> >> with more on the big deal. >> it was electric from start to finish, minus 35 riveting machines, i could say. 4:14 long, that's how long it was, the longest ever for a super bowl. of course, that third-quarter blackout is to blame. they had just enough power left to hold on and lift the trophy. the best part is bringing it back to baltimore. the celebration started last night, it continues on. the plane just landed minutes ago. the city will celebrate with a parade tomorrow morning. last night dan hellie was right in the middle of the celebration. >> reporter: from a blowout to a barnburner, somehow the ravens managed to get it done. is the big story this game was, well, the powerousage. 34 minutes, the lights gone
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down. they scored 17 points in four minutes to make it a five-point game. and they scored 17 points in four minutes. >> someone wanted to do good. i'm going to celebrate for the next month -- actually to the middle of april. so thank you, i'm so glad we're here, i've never won anything in my life. ray lewis went on top, it's all good. >> i get to lay down now. i get to lay down. i get to lay down, baby. >> hey, it just goes to show you can never count us out. i was out for the year when i pull my achilles, overcame that. i threw my bicep, they said he was done for the year, overcame
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that, now we're world champions. they can call us whatever they want, but they have to put champions on the end of it. >> we're a tough blue-collar city. that's the way our games tend to come down to. i'm sure a lot of people were nervous, but we were like, this might be pretty easy, and then the niners get back into it and play great football and we had to grind it out. >> no question whether joe flacco will come back as the quarterback, probably one of the four or five highest-paid quarterbacks in the nfl. solidified his spot as one of the elite in the league. 22 of 33 performance with three touchdowns passes gives him 11 postseason touchdowns, one of the best postseasons in nfl history for a quarterback. that's why he is the super bowl xlvii mvp. from new orleans, dan hellie, news4 sports. dan coming home after that man hug from torrie smith. meantime joe flacco celebrated his mvp with a big monday
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including a trip to disney world and news of a growing family. his wife dana is pregnant with their second child. they announced it to family last night after the win. >> when it rains, it pours. >> thanks, carol. hey, we're going to show you where hollywood's top actors and stars gathered today to break bread. a man known as america's deadliest sniper is murdered at a gun range. now we now know how he was connected to the suspect. ♪
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so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good!
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tonight d.c. police are disputing a report that claims that the city grossly underrot ed complaints. the city claimed it had 170 undocumented cases. the police chief says they've accounted for more than half of those cases. the plane landed just a short time ago. of course they won the super bowl last night, beating the 49ers 34-31. they got off the plane. now they're boarding buses. they'll be in a big victory parade. it starts at city hall tomorrow morning, and ends at m & t bank at the stadium. it all gets under way just before 11:00 tomorrow morning. a dramatic smash-and-grab at the zalesallry store. they made off with 27 rings
5:31 pm
worth more than $100,000. right now a bit of snow trying to make its way in. that's the keyword, a little bit of snow. continuing to make its way across the west. take a look at our snowfall forecast, maybe a coating to an inch, very close to what we have seen from the other clippers that having here over the past week or so. possibly 1 to 2, including portions of frederick county and portions of the west virginia panhandle. that's about it. this one moves out. we'll show you what moves in, in a minute. the situation in alabama has ended. let's go to a news conference. >> they safely recovered the chi who 'been held hostage for nearly a week. within the past 24 hours negotiations deteriorated and mr. dykes was observed holding a
5:32 pm
gun. at this point fbi agents fears the child was in imminent dangers, entered the bunker and rescued the child. the child appears physically unharmed and is being treated as a local hospital. the subject is deceased. the resolution of this matter is a direct result of the extraordinary collaboration between law enforcement at all levels. the exhaustive efforts and dedication of this community's law enforcement is truly exemplary. i want to thank everyone in this community that has supported us through the past few days. i know there are several questions that need to be answered, more questions to come. we will have an opportunity to address these later as more details become available. thank you very much. >> reporter: can. again the child has been rescued. the suspect dead in that rescue attempt.
5:33 pm
the latest live from midland city, alabama. back close to home again, a lot of drivers say they just can't drive 55 on the intercounty connector in maryland. >> they'll be happy to know the speed limit is going up. driver will soon legally be allowed to drive 60 miles an hour. or transportation reporter adam tuss has more on why officials decided to raise the element. >> reporter: it's been one of the biggest complaints. the speed limit is too low for the number of cars that are actually using the road. now word from the people who run the road, the speed limit is going up five miles an hour. this sign will seal be changing to this. and for some drivers who take the road every day, it would be a welcome change. >> yes. yes. >> reporter: good news? >> i think that's good news. it's hard to go 55. >> reporter: you're saying people should be able to go faster? >> it's supposed to be for quick
5:34 pm
travel, right? >> reporter: others say the speed limit was too low. the maryland transportation authority took an in-depth look at the way the road was operating the past year. >> the road was designed for 60. now there are stretches of the highway that could promote higher speed, but the overall curvature and geometry of the road, 60 is the safest overall speed. >> now it will be a while before the speed limit is officially changed here. the authority says it will happen by the end of next month. new signs for the change have to be manufactured and then put in place. but not every driver is rolling around with the plan. it's estimated that raising the speed limit to 60 will only save drivers who drive the entire length about a minute and a half. >> it could be more of a risk. the authorities say it absolutely is safe.
5:35 pm
>> if i didn't feel going from 55 to 60 was safe, i certainly wouldn't have done it. >> reporter: the speed limit is one thing, but what about this toll here. find out what the authority told us coming up at 6:00. adam tuss, news4. gas prices taking a big jump to start the workweek. the average price of gas in our area is now at 3.55. the national average is lower at 3.51, but also jumped 26 cents. it's blamd on the weaker u.s. dollar, and the hostage situation in algeria. tonight commuters have new options. new express bus service began today. riders can get on the new goode creek village pardon.
5:36 pm
at ash burn. there's one service that takes riders to major employers in tysons corner and another that takes riders to the west falls church metro station. 'em run has just one stop. catch a right in the morning or asp. school officials in virginia may soon be grated. the house of-day-old gates they could be grated from a to f. it's pardon of the governor's education reform bit. points fear that the grating system would sippingle out the struggles schools unfairly. in prince george's county, they're clarifies the new controversyial policy on who gets to own the rights to work, artwork done by students and staff. the head of the county board of education says the proposal was
5:37 pm
designed to protect the work created on school equipment by staff and teachers, not to grant ownership rights of paintings and other work made by students. parents have expressed concerns. >> it's not an inflammatory situation. we certainly did not mean for it to be. we want create activity and we see this as a way to encourage it. >> it's not clear when the reworked policy will be introduced. >> well, it was electric, everybody is still talking about the super bowl halftime performance, but beyonce is already looking forward to her next big appearance right here in washington. plus a young teenager who took on the taliban proves that she is not backing down. we'll be right back.
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the courageous girl is speaking out once again. >> she was shot in the head for lobbying on behalf of girls' education, and she's recover in britain, well enough to speak on camera. >> today i'm getting better day by day. it's because of the prayers of
5:41 pm
people. all the people, men, women, children, all of them have great -- >> on saturday, mo lala underwent surgery to reconstruct her excel and reconstruct her hearing. senator john mccain is telling people tonight to, quote, lighten up after a tweet he sent about mahmud ahmadinejad. earlier today he tweeted this. so he wants to be the first iranian in space. wasn't he there just last wight? a fellow republican called the joke racist. mccain followed that with a tweet -- can't everyone take a joke? . we'll have more on how this fight is impacting students.
5:42 pm
i'm liz crenshaw. watch out for fees on your bank accounts. why they're popping up and what consumers can do about it. my story is coming up. >> taking a look at the radar. when the snow moves in and out and what to expect for your tuesday morning commute.
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right now supporters who say maryland's historically black colleges and universities need more funding, and they are bringing their messages to the capitol. >> students are holding a big
5:45 pm
rally at the statehouse. tracee wilkins has more on what this means for students in our area. >> you pass a lot of universities to get to bowie. >> yes, i did. >> she came from contract contract to prince george's county to attend bowie state university, because she knew it was the school for her. >> actually i felt in love with bowies state when i came here for my tour. >> reporter: it's the same feeli feeling. to rally in annapolis. >> all schools are struggling and make cuts, it doesn't make sense we are so underfunded. >> reporter: for years they have debated how to underwrite funding. >> the state of maryland has documented the impact of the underfunding that the state has readily said it did. >> reporter: the issue landed in
5:46 pm
court last year. propronants not only juan equal funding, but money paid from underfunding in the past. >> if you look at the decades of underfunding sort of level funding. >> is an international things, so we're not only not on par with the state of maryland, but international as well. >> black students choose to handy, and that's pretty information. black counties, but it's important that we provide equities to the institution. >> students are starting to gather here in annapolis. we're expecting thousands down here before the end of the nice. rashaun baker will be among the
5:47 pm
speakers this evening. the spokesperson wanted to make it clear that while the sxhants lord does believe that maryland's historical black colleges should receive equal funding, he says it's complicated and they're waiting to see what the courts decide. in annapolis, tracee wilkins, news4. taking a close look at your bank account recently? we're not talking about your balance. >> no, we're talking about the bank fees. liz crenshaw has a warning. >> we're talking about monthly maintenance fees. atm fees, penalties for not using direct deposit. do you know what your bank fees are charges. >> i'm glad i found out about it. >> susan capuano started a money market account in the hopes of earning interested, but she was losing money every month. since july it was a $15
5:48 pm
maintenance fee every month. >> sthe noticed the $15 feet over a six-month period. $90 in fees. she says the charges started after she transferred $2500 from her money market account to her checking account. >> i was told that i didn't maintain a certainly balance, and that was the reason the fees was triggered. bank fees are popping up, even every day checking. >> fees for varyius things that quiters don't understand. >> kathleen day says the nonprofit receives a lot of complaints about new banking fees. >> what's happening is banks are making less money on some things. >> reporter: the reason? new federal regulation have reduced bank refs from overdraft fee and debit cart swipe fees.
5:49 pm
>> so many fame -- for example, if you don't direct, you may get hit with a fee. if your balance falls below a certainly minimum, you may bet hit with a fee. a survey says the average minimum checking account balance to avoid a fee is now $723. the american bankers association says most fees can be avoided, but adds many banks have found it necessary to recoup costs associated with checking accounts due to massive new legislative and regulatory burdens. so what's a bank customer to do? well, check your bank's statement and website, and know what fees you are paying. >> people should be more aggress i have been about assessing what the different banks charge, shopping around, going to credit union banks, looking to see who will provide the banks services that they use at the lower
5:50 pm
costs. people bank differently. they really should compare. >> capuano asked her bank for a refund, but would not give her back the $90 she ducted in fees, so she took action on her account. >> i closed it. >> okay the the american bankers association says it has tips on how to avoid fees, and you can find thousands tips on, search "avoid fees." some of us fold those bank statements up and hope everything is okay. >> yeah. >> thank you, liz. we have some snow moving in in the next few hours. >> yes, we do. doug is tracking it on the radar for us. >> and we saw this last week a numbs, about three different times, and that's exactly what we'll see this time, too. 36 degrees the current number, winds out of the south-southwest. that puts or windchill at about 30. we're still see breaks in the
5:51 pm
cloez, so not expecting to see that snow move in anytime soon. it's cold enough for snow. it does look like it's coming down good around winchester, but no snow. it's not yet reaching the ground. we're not going to be seeing this make its way in. it's going to be this, back toward the west. and right now we're thinking about a dusting, maybe an inch. that will be about it. an inch is way up there, though. as you gelt far to the north and west, could be more here, maybe 1 to 2, around winchester, that's the area that right now is under a winter weather advisories until 6:00ally tomorrow morning. i do not expect to see any kind
5:52 pm
of delays tomorrow morning. i think d.c. and areas of northern virginia, right around the metro region should be okay. that snow moves out very quickly. 45 on thursday, friday coming up with a chance of showers with a high of 4. right now the weekend looking good with highs in the mid 40s to upper 40s. for that chance of showers, and friday this is a storm system we will watch closely. this one we're going to be watching, could be heavier, as the storm system moves up the coast. we'll talk much more about that over the next couple days, but right now it's the snow moving in from the west, maybe about 8:00. >> all right. thank you, sir. now let's check out what stories are trending online today. ♪ >> fans of destiny's child were thrilled with last night's reunion. afterwards beyonce announced the
5:53 pm
dates of her first global tour. she'll be coming to the verizon center monday, july 29th. after last night olympics performance he posted had handwritten note, praising her fellow performers, saying it was a proud day for african-american women. there are reports works are under way for a new office for the president. a replica is reportedly in the works. it's over the eisenhower executive office building, where most of the president's staff is located. it's expected to be completed by august. word on the street is it will be used during the two-ine renovation of the west wing over at the white house. so far, no comment from the folks over at 1600 pennsylvania about the project. people who were nominated for the academy awards attended the annual oskars nominees' luncheon this afternoon. 17 of the 20 nominees in the acting category were present.
5:54 pm
the oskars will air february 24th. coming up later at 6:00 tonight -- >> i'm julie carey. it appears schools could soon be getting her grades. coming up, i'll tell you why even some parents aren't too crazy about the idea. >> the drivers in our area who may be facing tougher penalties for texting while driving. >> reporter: it's the largest uso center in the world, and it opens tomorrow. tonight we'll give i a preview.
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tonight a marine veteran accused of shooting a marine is in solitaire confinement in a texas g-8, eddy raye ralph. he had to be tasered and restrained after he became aggressive with jail guards. he's accused of killing chris kyle, and his friend chad littlefield on saturday afternoon. kyle was reportedly helping him overium post traumatic stret disorder. kyle was known as america's deadliest sniper, authored a best-selling book and a reality tv star. tonight the larger. >> it cost $12 million.
5:58 pm
he got an early >> i will never forget. his words were, this is for me? >> you're looking at the world's largest uso -- it's at ft. belvoir. brian pilot designed it. he wanted it to feel warm. >> they thought of everything, down to the heist of the countertops. perfect for those in wheelchairs. >> his wife, kathleen says when her husband lost his legs, he began asking different questions of places they went. >> will he be able to transfer into a chair? >> all of these things subtly become your life. >> he knows their lives will be
5:59 pm
different. i have a single building here. a computer lab, even a soundproof music room, not to mention a welcoming staff. >> we have 350 volunteer who make it run day and night. >> joe bowser wishes this place was built when he lost part of his leg, not for him, but for his children. >> there was nothing like this where they could decompress. >> reporter: a place for families to relax, enjoy, simply put -- >> this is home. right now at 6:00, new information from the district police chief about concerns that sex assault cases in the city were not properly handled. >> a way -- the same ways teachers move ard, but

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Video Codec mpeg2video
Audio Cocec ac3
Pixel width 528
Pixel height 480
Sponsor Internet Archive
Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 2/4/2013